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From "Christopher H. Laco" <>
Subject Re: Apache::TestRequest + Cookies
Date Mon, 29 Nov 2004 16:29:24 GMT
Now that I've gotten a few other module updates out of the way, I want to 
get back to the thought of cookies within A-T. Two things were mentioned 
that would help the A-T project in some way.

First, possibly add pod doc on how to use cookies within A-T using Michaels 
solution of

   Apache::TestRequest::user_agent( cookie_jar => {});

and possibly others. I would also probably take a stab at getting some of 
the other things in 
into the pod; specifically the use of the secondary param in the GET request 
to add outgoing headers and the like.

Second,  add some sort of cookie tests to the A-T test suit. I'm not quite 
sure what a test would be for other than to verify that A-T using LWP 
actually receives and sends cookies and verifies they get remembered between 
requests. But that seems more like testing LWP and A-T to me.

My first thoughts are to keep it as simple as possible and check for 
mod_usertrack. It it's there, ensure the first tracking cookie value is 
maintained across multiple requests.

Any thoughts?


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