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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: apxs calls on Win32
Date Tue, 07 Dec 2004 19:30:11 GMT

>>Also is there some File::Spec thingy that defines record
>>separator in paths?
> I looked through there - there's not one specifically
> defined. There are special cases for various platforms:
>    Mac => uses ',', but needs $ENV{Commands}, not $ENV{PATH}
>    OS2 => uses ';', but also translates '\' to '/'
>    VMS => uses a different $ENV variable
> So some of these (eg, Mac and VMS) would require special
> handling just to get at the equivalent of $ENV{PATH}.

Thanks for the research, Randy.

> Is leaving it just as is OK for the moment (using ';' for
> WIN32, ':' otherwise), and if someone has problems with it,
> we can fix it then?


> Also, I haven't tried it yet, but just to make sure the
> email messages go to the right place - can one do a commit
> to Apache-Test from within modperl-2.0 svn (from within
> the Apache-Test subdirectory)?

I think you can diff/ci only if you first cd into A-T dir. so it'll go to 
the right list anyway. So there is no way you can commit the two at once I 

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