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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Apache-TestItSelf and Apache-TestMe
Date Mon, 20 Dec 2004 04:18:34 GMT
Finally I've polished and committed the first bits of Apache-TestItSelf, 
which is used to test that A-T's various config options actually work and 
that a new fix to one problem doesn't create a new one. At the moment 
there are just a few tests, but I'm going to write new ones as I discover 
problems and invite you to do the same.

In order to keep the A-T's own test suite intact, I've created a new 
Apache-TestMe subproject, which contains solely tests to reproduce various 
problems (think geoff's bug skeleton). Originally I thought to just dump 
things into A-T's test suite, but then decided that it may break or 
complicate things.

Regardless, the Apache-TestItSelf can be used to run any A-T based test 
suite, as the following extract from Apache-TestItSelf/README explains.

The only inconvenience at the moment is that the config files include 
hardcoded paths, (since each one of us has apache/modperl installed at 
different locations), so I've created sample/ for you to copy away and 
adjust to reflect your setups.

Apache-TestItSelf/lib/MyTest/ contains all kind of wrappers, which 
eventually should be polished into a nice API, but for now there are just 
that, wrappers to avoid dups.


This test suite tests various Apache-Test setups (i.e. whether the
configuration works correctly), something that can't be tested with
the normal run-time test suite.

1) first of all move into Apache-TestItSelf

   % chdir Apache-TestItSelf

2) now choose which test suite to run again, to test whether some
   changes in A-T break its config, run 2a. But if the config testing
   coverage is not complete, try other test suites and then try to
   re-create this problem in 2a.

   You will need to adjust config files under sample/ to reflect the
   location of your preinstalled httpd and mod_perl files.

   a. Apache-Test config test suite

   % t/TEST -config sample/

   this runs against the test suite under:


   it's the same as calling:

   % t/TEST -base ~/ \
   -config sample/

   b. Apache-Test

   assuming that Apache-Test is checked out under
   ~/, the following will run the tests against the
   Apache-Test test suite

   % t/TEST -base ~/ \
   -config sample/

   c. modperl-2.0

   assuming that modperl-2.0 is checked out under
   ~/, the following will run the tests against the
   modperl-2.0 test suite

   % t/TEST -base ~/ \
   -config sample/ httpd_arg.t interactive.t

   d. 3rd party modules ###

   assuming that Apache-VMonitor-2.0 is checked out under
   ~/work/modules/Apache-VMonitor-2.0, the following will run the tests
   against the Apache-VMonitor-2.0 test suite. of course any other 3rd
   party module should do.

   % t/TEST -base ~/work/modules/Apache-VMonitor-2.0 \
   -config sample/

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