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From "Sergey Ten" <>
Subject stress testing of Apache server
Date Tue, 03 May 2005 20:08:46 GMT
Hello all,

SourceLabs is developing a set of tests (and appropriate workload data) to
perform stress testing of an Apache server using requests for static HTML
pages only. We are interested in getting feedback on our plans from the
Apache server community, which has a lot of experience in developing,
testing and using the Apache server.

Information available on the Internet, as well as our own experiments, make
it clear that stressing a web server with requests for static HTML pages
requires special care to avoid situations when either network bandwidth or
disk IO become a limiting factor. Thus simply increasing the number of
clients (http requests sent) alone is not the appropriate way to stress the
server. We think that use of a special workload data (including httpd.conf
and .htaccess files) will help to execute more code, and as a result, better
stress the server.

We anticipate that our tests will cover 80% of code (using test and code
coverage metrics) for the following Apache modules (as most commonly used):
.	mod_rewrite;
.	mod_auth and mod_auth_ldap;
.	mod_ssl.

We would like to know your opinions and feedback on:
.	What are the stress scenarios where you have had problems?
.	What are the modules (including external) you have stressed which
are missed from our list?
.	What are the modules (including external) you would be interested in

Additional feedback on the validity of our test plan, ranking modules
according to their importance, etc would also be much appreciated.

Best regards
Sergey Ten,

Dependable Open Source Systems

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