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From Zubin Kika <>
Subject Perl framework patch for Apache bug 37145
Date Wed, 26 Oct 2005 08:30:22 GMT

I have developed a patch to the perl-framework, that
tests the server for Bug 37145

This script performs 9 tests:
1.With reverse proxy-backend in HTTP:HTTPS mode
a)File size:Exactly 8kb
b)File size:Less than 8kb
c)File size:Greater than 8kb

2.Same tests as above with reverse proxy-backend in

3.Same tests with reverse proxy-backend in HTTPS:HTTP

The patch is attached.
It contains the following files:
t/ssl/proxy_bug37145.t :The script file
t/htdocs/test.txt :Test file of size 100Kb
t/htdocs/test1.txt :Test file of size less than 8 Kb
t/htdocs/test2.txt :Test file of size 8Kb
t/htdocs/modules/cgi/ :Perl file that
will handle the posted data

Request you to please review the same.


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