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From "Filin A." <>
Subject Re: PHP testing - problem with php libraries loading
Date Fri, 25 Nov 2005 22:13:48 GMT
Hi. Sorry for not writing sooner and thanks for your
quick responce.

> > 1) Why it is necessary to have a special php.ini
> > testing?
> say you have code that works one system and doesn't
work on another.  
> the problem turns out to be that your php.ini file
contains a crucial
> difference, but one you didn't think was crucial. 

I see...

> no, anything you need to override you can do locally
> t/,
> such as
> <IfModule @PHP_MODULE>
>   php_extension_dir /usr/lib/php4/
> </IfModule>

But I can't! I've tride a lot of variants and I even
think that

 <IfModule @PHP_MODULE@>
   php_admin_value extension_dir /usr/lib/php4/

_should_ work - but it doesn't! I don't know why :(
(I tried both t/ and

> chris has links to the sample tarball where you can
see tricks like 
> this in action.  

Oh. And can you please anyhow lead me at those links?

> unfortunately we haven't had the free tuits to
document it as well
> as we would have liked.  but then again, nobody
seemed to be using the 
> php side of things but us.  so, welcome - we hope
you like it :)

Yes, I do like it. Actualy I'm rather fascinated by
the versality
and power of your testing suit.

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