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From "Filin A." <>
Subject Re: PHP testing - problem with php libraries loading
Date Tue, 29 Nov 2005 22:28:27 GMT

> hmm, that's a good point.  t/conf/ only
affects php tests 
> that
> run inside the server, such as

Nope. My test is in the t/response/TestPHP/

> You might try getting rid of the conditional
> statement, just to see if 
> that's the problem.

Nope. Removing of the condition doesn't solve the
problem :(

> By the way, how are you testing to see whether this
> works? Is it the 
> output of phpinfo()?

Mm.. actually I just looked into the error_log... 
But after I read your question I made an experiment
whith my
system httpd.conf and php.ini and checked phpinfo()

I've set the extension_dir in php.ini to the wrong
and assigned correct value in the httpd.conf.
It's strange but though phpinfo() acknowledges my
httpd.conf extension_dir as 
a 'Local Value', extensions are not loaded.

It looks like settig the extension_dir in a httpd.conf
(or in an just don't work with my PHP
4.3.4 :(

I would appreciate your consideration...


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