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From Chris Shiflett <>
Subject Re: PHP testing - problem with php libraries loading
Date Wed, 30 Nov 2005 17:02:59 GMT
Filin A. wrote:
> But after I read your question I made an experiment
> whith my system httpd.conf and php.ini and checked
> phpinfo() output.
> I've set the extension_dir in php.ini to the wrong
> directory and assigned correct value in the
> httpd.conf. It's strange but though phpinfo()
> acknowledges my httpd.conf extension_dir as a
> 'Local Value', extensions are not loaded.

That rules out Apache-Test as the root cause of the problem. If I were 
trying to debug this, I'd very carefully compare the output of phpinfo() 
in an environment that works with the output of phpinfo() in an 
environment that doesn't.

Hope that helps.


Chris Shiflett
Brain Bulb, The PHP Consultancy

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