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From Marc Weber <>
Subject Re: Apache 1.3.22 gives 302 on mod_rewrite
Date Wed, 28 Nov 2001 18:37:08 GMT

> >
> > Right, 81 at the moment. Tried that too, in case {SERVER_PORT} had any
> > side-effects, but it doesn't. I recompiled Apache too, the most common,
> > most out-of-the-box config possible:
> >
> Have you tried this with multiple browsers?  Is it only that version of

Yes, tried on some NTs with IE5, which show nothing at all except the
message that they're opening the page in the status line. After a while,
they stop with a "page not found" message. I tried only with this
version of Netscape (4.78) on different Solaris machines (it's
NFS-mounted for the whole company), but I tried with 6.2 on NT as well,
and it shows the same result.

> Netscape that is failing?  When you make the request, is there only a
> single entry in the access log?

I set logging to level 9, so there are several lines, but as far as I
can see they belong to one request, starting with the "init rewrite
engine" and ending with the "REDIRECT/302".

> I'm starting to run out of ideas here.

Well, me too... I don't know what to try anymore.

> I have used this technique before
> myself, but never on a non-standard port.

I did something quite similar a while ago, on a non-standard port. I
tried to proxy requests from 81 on one machine in a private network to
two identical live webservers using mod_rewrite and a load-balancing
script like it's mentioned in the guide. I wanted to see how Apache
performs against the commercial loadbalancing solutions. Worked fine. I
think that one was more complicated than what I'm trying to do now...

Do you think there's a chance the 302-header _looks_ right, but isn't?
How could I find out, tcpdump maybe?


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