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From Owen Boyle <>
Subject Re: Drop port and hide multiple servers behind one fixed address?
Date Fri, 30 Nov 2001 08:58:59 GMT
Matthew Hook wrote:
> Thanks Joshua,
> I've just had a look through the name based virtual
> hosting and I'm not certain this is what I want or not.
> To simplify things a bit what I want is the
> following.  Lets say I have two physical servers
> behind a firewall.  On the first is apache.
> On the second is MS IIS.  They are accessable
> using the following URL's
> http://www.domain
> http://www.otherdomain:8001
> Server one has an IP Address of
> Server two has an IP address of
> These reside behind a firewall in a DMZ.
> The address of the firewall is
> The redirection currently looks like this:
> ->
> ->
> What I'd like to be able to do is allow someone
> who points their browser to http://www.otherdomain
> to not reach www.domain but www.otherdomain
> At the moment you have to specify www.otherdomain:8001 to reach the other domain.
> How would I configure apache to do this?
> Can I do it without the current port redirection?

Are you saying that "www.domain" and "www.otherdomain" are external and
both resolve to 

If so, the only way to distinguish them is by the "Host:" header
information. Rather than rewriting, you need to run an instance of
apache as a Proxy on the FW ( I've not used mod_proxy
myself, but it seems quite easy - you'd set up two virtualhosts on the
proxy-server and use the ProxyPass directive. Something like:

  ServerName www.domain
  ProxyPass  /
  ServerName www.otherdomain
  ProxyPass  /

Check the mod_proxy docs for details. Anyone else care to comment if
this is right?


Owen Boyle.

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