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From Owen Boyle <>
Subject Re: SSI - I'm Stuck
Date Fri, 04 Jan 2002 16:16:40 GMT
Vernon A Webb wrote:
> Hey all,
> I am new to Apache and am currently reading through a book
> called "Apache Web Server Administration" which starts
> discussing SSI and it is telling me that I need to add the
> Options Includes directive to enable Includes for "the
> directory (or directories)" but I have no clue as to what
> they mean.
> I have also noticed in my httpd.conf file that there are
> <Directory "/">, etc tags which I do not understand. I do
> understand that the <VirtualHost > tags define the Web
> sites being hosted either with IPs or names, but what are
> the Directory tags for and what does this guy mean by this?
> I have noticed in the <Directory "/var/www/html"> that
> Options indexes FollowSymlinks is defined, does that mean it
> is already defined?

Forget about apache for a minute.

On your computer you have got files like index.html and banana.html and
so on. Files are kept in directories. 

The scope of apache directives can be defined on a per-directory basis.
In other words; the commands you type in httpd.conf are called
directives. Directives have to apply to something. What they apply to is
called their "scope". You can define their scope so that the directives
apply to all the files in a directory.

The <Directory> tag is how you make a list of directives apply to all
the files in a directory.


Suppose you have got a directory called /home/joe/html which contains
the file index.html. Suppose it also contains another directory called
"ssi-files" and that this directory has got a file called "my-ssi.html".
To get apache to do server-side includes on this file you have to apply
the appropriate Directive to this file. One way to do this is to apply
the directive to the directory that the file lives in; i.e.

<Directory /home/joe/html/ssi-file>
  Options Includes

Now when apache is asked for the file "home/joe/ssi-files/my-ssi.html",
it will say, "Aha! this file lives in /home/joe/html/ssi-file. I must
apply Options Includes to it." and so it sill get SSI-ised.


owen Boyle.

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