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From Owen Boyle <>
Subject Re: simple question
Date Tue, 08 Jan 2002 08:52:04 GMT
Calvin Redding wrote:
> Ok guys, I've made progress; I changed the dir to c:/apache, and moved
> the appropriate files, but now I get a 403 Forbidden error when I try to
> access the server, and it says I don't have permission to access root.
> I'm not sure what I've  I attached an updated config file,
> thanks for your continued help...
> -Calvin

You have ServerRoot and DocumentRoot set to the same directory. Do you
understand the implications of this?

ServerRoot is the directory where apache is located. It should contain
subdirectories which, in turn, contain the httpd binary, the config
file, the log files etc. This is where the apache installation lives and
is not usually the place where you want to keep your HTML content. On
unix, this directory is owned by root and is quite special - you
wouldn't want users browsing around in it.

DocumentRoot is the place apache goes to to find your HTML content when
someone makes a request to your server. This can be anywhere on your
disk and doesn't need to be under the apache ServerRoot. Usually, this
is a normal user directory. 

Because you are pointing DocumentRoot at ServerRoot (which should be
system directory) you may be getting an OS level access error (I'm not a
windows expert and I don't know what version you're using). You also
have to allow access to the DocumentRoot (you actually do this - sort

Something like:

ServerRoot   C:/apache
DocumentRoot C:/user/calvin/docs
<Directory C:/user/calvin/docs>
  Allow from all

Is more usual.


Owen Boyle.

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