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From "Paul D. Bain" <>
Subject Re: two apache's at a time ???
Date Sat, 12 Jan 2002 17:15:04 GMT
At Saturday 1/12/02 01:49 AM, you wrote:

>hello !
>i have apache 1.3.20 already installed and i want to install apache 1.3.22.
>1) Can they both be in my linux box togather.

         Yes, and they can even execute at the same time, provided that 
they run on different IP addresses or different ports. You may change the 
IP address and port number in the file "httpd.conf" corresponding to each 

>2) When i install 1.3.22 will it do anything with the previous version ?

         It will not if you put the new Apache (x.22) in its own directory. 
This should be true regardless of whether you are compiling Apache from 
source or installing by means of an "RPM" (Red Hat Package Manager).

>3) If i install it at the same path of previous version wat will happend ?

         Let's assume that you compile the new Apache (x.22) from source. 
Then the new, compiled executable file httpd will be written to the same 
directory as the old (x.20) executable httpd. The new file named "httpd" 
will probably _overwrite_ (and _destroy_) the old file of the same name. To 
avoid this destruction, simply rename the old file. You could call it, for 
example, "httpd.20," and it would _remain_ executable.

>4) If i install it at any different location as that of previous one...
>is it fine...???


>If Yes...then..../etc/rc.d/init.d/httpd start
>which one will start with this...?

         In the example I gave above (where the old executable file is 
renamed and the filename "httpd" corresponds to the new version (version 
x.22) of Apache), the new version would be started. Of course, you could 
start the _old_ version (x.20) at boot time, too, thus:

         /etc/rc.d/init.d/httpd.20 start

>5) Can it be possible that i install 1.3.22 and it just upgrade the 
>previous version ?
>If ?

         I do not understand this question.

>6) Is it good to install 1.3.22 over 1.3.20 or just leave the previous 

         If you have concerns about the stability or reliability of the new 
version, it may be advisable to keep the old version by means of renaming, 
as I noted above.


Good luck!

-- Paul Bain

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