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From "Joshua Slive" <>
Subject RE: .htaccess problems
Date Wed, 16 Jan 2002 04:14:52 GMT

> From: Defryn, Guy []

> I am new to the list and apache.
> I have problems with my .htaccess file
> My html files + .htaccess file are located in /usr/local/www/nz
> This is what my .htaccess file looks like. Read comments for my problem
> # errordocument does not work unless I use a url instead of path
> ErrorDocument 404 /usr/local/www/nz/error.html

ErrorDocument takes a URL-path, which means the part of the URL following
the hostname:port, not a full unix path.  Try
ErrorDocument 404 /error.html
assuming that your DocumentRoot is /usr/local/www/nz

> #authenticate shows up the box but does not let me in. The
> Authname shows up
> on the box.
> #cannot find the users file. The error log says it cannot find file
> #users file has read for everyone.Does this need execute permissions???
> #it seemed to work when I gave the file execute permissions
> Authname "Log in"
> AuthType Basic
> AuthUserFile /usr/local/sbin/users

That's a weird place for your user file!  Can you show us the exact error
message from the log?

> <Limit Get POST>
> Require valid_user
> </limit>

Get rid of the <Limit> and </Limit> lines.  They are not correct (it should
be GET), and even if they were correct, they would be unnecessary and a
possible security problem.  Also, the argument to Require is "valid-user",
NOT "valid_user".

> #redirect does not work at all
> Redirect /usr/local/www/nz/page.html

Redirect also takes a URL-path, so that should be

Redirect /page.html


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