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From Darrel Austin <>
Subject Port-based Virtual Hosts
Date Tue, 15 Jan 2002 06:33:46 GMT
I had a question awhile back about getting two servers running behind 
one IP. After almost giving up (as it looked like I just can't) I was 
told offlist, to use the port-based virtual host configurations.

The documentation shows this:

     Listen 80
     Listen 8080
     ServerName www.domain.tld
     DocumentRoot /www/domain

     DocumentRoot /www/domain2

This doesn't tell me if I can actually have two actual servers, 
however. Does the port-based VH have to be on the same machine as 
that is hosting the default port 80 traffic? Or can this port-based 
VH point at a seperate IP address + port behind the router? Is the 
above config text supposed to be on the main server (listening on 
port 80) or the other server (listening on port 8080)?

In attempting to enter the above on the main server, I get an error 
'directory can not be found' for the VH on the other IP...leading me 
to believe that this, in fact, will not work.

If that doesn't work, is there anyway to point at the second server 
via a domain name or sub-domain name? At the very least, we'd like to 
be able to point to the domain at an external site and have an HTML 
redirect to this server (via a different port than the main 
server...for example, '' would redirect to '') 
but from what I can tell, we can probably only do a redirect if we 
explicitly spell out the IP+port. It's ugly, but it'd work, suppose.


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