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From Bill -Sx- Jones <>
Subject FW: A Solution: Apache SSL Hangs after Reboot
Date Tue, 02 Apr 2002 02:38:44 GMT
Oops, I forgot about *the* Apache group :/

Your copy, sorry;
-Sx-  :]

------ Forwarded Message

Hey!  I just spent about an hour trying to get my stupid MacOS X Apache SSL
stuff to work after a reboot (it won't, because it is waiting for the
encrypted cert password - which will never appear during the graphical boot

So, after I figured out what to do, I thought I would share what I
discovered (at least get it archived into some listserv somewhere in case I
forget again :)  all these OSX archives are somewhat hard to research  :/

Here is what the symptoms are:

You've just installed or upgraded to SSL, you forget to store the passphrase
decrypted, but restart your box anyways ...

During the reboot you notice it is trying to load apache - and it waits and
waits and ...  You get the picture...

This is the fix.  Pull the power plug, then restart and hold down -

Cmd-S  (Single User Mode.)

When you see the plain old Darwin system, you are ROOT (Yeah!)  But the
Filesystem was mounted RO  (Boooo!)

Hey, never fear, just issue a

 mount / [Enter]

And you're good to go.  Now, do, a

 cd /private/etc

And execute a

 pico hostconfig

Edit the line that says WEBSERVER, set it to -NO-

Then hit Control-X, save and exit.

Now issue a 

 reboot [Enter]

and the system will come up.

Don't forget to fix the SSL / passphrase issue before the NESXT reboot :)

(Just goes to show that if you can touch a Unix box there isn't any
security...  I think it should have at least asked me for the ROOT password
upon entering Single User/Maintenance mode  :(

-Sx-  :]

------ End of Forwarded Message

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