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From Owen Boyle <>
Subject Re: making .js javascript files work on apache 2.0.35
Date Thu, 02 May 2002 15:19:11 GMT
jlwpc1 wrote:
> You see the web developer of today, can
> learn only one language, if she wants too,
> for both the browser and the server!
> You need to find your OS "engine" that
> runs "javascript" server-side - like ScriptEase,
> for one that runs on almost any OS.

Errr.. This is a support list for the apache webserver. I don't come on
plugging Python, Ruby, Parrot, C++ or whatever, so why should you be
proselytising one-size-fits-all JavaScript. 


Owen Boyle.

PS Perl will whup your JS any day....

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