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Subject Apache not being invoked via ServerName, only particular file being invoked
Date Wed, 01 May 2002 08:49:54 GMT
Hi all,
       I have apache 1.3.19 installed on a Mandrake 7.2

       The ServerName has been set to, the Port
       directive has been commented (because I want my users
       to type simply ServerName not ServerName:Port) and
       finally the DirectoryIndex configuration directive
       has been set to index.wml (not index.html as is on
       most systems)- because I want Apache to server content
       only to WAP devices.

       On a seperate Windows machine I installed Nokia WAP
       Toolkit and UPSDK WAP emulators. I opened both of
       them simultaneously and typed

       UPSDK is showing index.wml fine, but Nokia WAP Toolkit
       says loadNewContent: ( Can't connect
       to the web server.

       I checked the Apache access and error logs. There were
       2 lines in the access logs indicating 2 requests were
       issued to Apache. In the error logs I got:

       Invalid URI in request GET HTTP/1.1

       Apache was unable to serve the content to the
       Nokia WAP Toolkit or Nokia WAP Toolkit was unable
       to process the content that Apache served.

       But when I type then
       Nokia WAP Toolkit is loading and displaying
       the WML file fine!!

       Kindly note that the problem of Apache not
       being invoked directly by the servername, but
       via a particular file IS NOT occurring in a
       real Nokia WAP phone. The problem is happening
       only in the Nokia WAP Toolkit.

       I would like to know what this error message means
       so that I can proceed further and tackle it.

       Sorry for the long-winded story here.

| NOKIA   | Can't connect to
|  WAP    |__//____\\___
| TOOLKIT |  \\    //  |
|_________|     the   \|/
___________            |                _____________________________________
| UPSDK   | WML CONTENT|                | APACHE::: ServerName|
|  WAP    |___//_____\\|______\\____//__|  WEB::::: #Port 80                |
| EMULATOR|   \\     //|      //    \\  | SERVER::: DirectoryIndex index.wml|
|_________| RECIEVED   |                |                                   |
              HERE     |                | 3 requests entered in access logs |
                      /|\               | 1 line in error log               |
___________           /|\               |                                   |
| NOKIA   |            |                |Invalid URI in request GET HTTP/1.1|
| 7110    | WML CONTENT|                |___________________________________|
| WAP     |__//_____\\_|
| PHONE   |  \\     //
|_________| RECIEVED

       Awaiting a reply

       Thanks in advance

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