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From "Pete Nelson" <>
Subject Re: making .js javascript files work on apache 2.0.35
Date Wed, 01 May 2002 19:24:09 GMT
The problem is the code on the page, not the server.

Your JavaScript code is extremely broken.  I looked at the source code
for both of your examples, and they are not the same at all.  The .js
files are never loaded because your 'document.write' statement is

I would suggest investing in a JavaScript debugger.  One's actually
included with Mozilla (  Always test your
client-side code before blaming the server.  

Pete Nelson, Web Developer

>>> 05/01/02 12:39PM >>>

here is my situation.

take a look at  (xitami)

which is how i wish things to look

but   (apache)

does not display the correct menu on the right hand side!!

If you look at the source files for each the one from the first link(on
apache), is executing the IF statement and writing the appropriate 
menu.  The second link above reads right through the whole IF and never

displays the menu.

This is what made me belive that i need to have jserv.  But i'm totally


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