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From "Ron Wingfield" <>
Subject CGI Execution Problem
Date Tue, 04 Jun 2002 15:47:08 GMT
RE:  The following (error log) message:

    unable to include "/www/cgi-bin/perl/" in parsed file /www/vhosts/

I think I've got all the appropriate .htaccess directives in place, e.g., Option +Includes
and +ExecCGI.  I'm trying to avoid using global (i.e., at the default primary serever level)
ScriptAliases -- perhaps I need to (. . .understand more) ?

In an appempt to resolve the path/permissions/whatever . . .problem, I've written a simple
"hello world" type perl script to call from the browser.  I cannot understand why this will
not work.  (The script does work from a unix command line.)


Archaxis is supposed to be my primary server -- not a VirtualHost.  This DocumentRoot thing,
ScriptAliases, etc., . . .are so confusing.  I understand directory structures and unix file
permission-modes, etc., and the related security issues, etc., but the implicit (restrictive)
affects/effects of the Apache directives sometimes elude me. 


Ron Wingfield

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