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From "Ron Wingfield" <>
Subject CGI and ScriptAlias Alternatives
Date Tue, 04 Jun 2002 01:01:03 GMT
RE:  the directory structure below:  I want to contain general purpose CGI scripts in sub-directories
under the /www/cgi-bin/ directory.  These objects only need one common occurrence on the system.
 I want these objects segregated by type with regard to Perl Scripts, C objects, unix shell
scripts, Java , ad nauseam.

I'm having difficulty executing the in the common directory.  If I add a ScriptAlias,

  ScriptAlias /cgi-bin/   "/www/cgi-bin/perl/"

to the httpd.conf container for the VirtualHost,

After execution of the index.htm file in the host's DocumentRoot directory, /www/vhosts/
(as directed in the httpd.conf file), the error-log message contains:  "invalid CGI ref "www/cgi-bin/perl/".
 For the present, I am trying to understand the system of overrides, aliases, etc., without
the added complexity of suEXEC.   I do plan to go there, but only after getting a handle on
a simpler configuration.  Regardless, I am using .htaccess files in target directories, and
with some success.  For example, I have a perl script,, in the VirtualHost structure
for which is successfully executed by the wiggle.htm, . . .as long as I do not
include the previously described ScriptAlias.  From what I've read, the concept of ScriptAlias
seems rather restrictive with regard to managing executables in a hierarchal directory structure.

Can I still use default ScriptAliases to point to multiple hierarchal directory structures
for executables, as in the following example, and still use local directory overrides? 

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