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From Artiom Morozov <>
Subject Re: OpenSA 1.0.0 - problems with SSL
Date Wed, 12 Jun 2002 15:32:56 GMT
Hi Svet,

how about running apache from console (cmd.exe)? if you have malformed
config, apache will tell you. otherwise you should check global
error_log, though i have no idea why port 80 doesn't respond.

Also you may have problems with ssl module startup - you may try
SSLLog directive with SSLLogLevel debug and see what's up there.


Wednesday, June 12, 2002, 12:54:57 PM, you wrote:
swd> Hi everybody,

swd> Will be appreciate, if anybody can help me. So, I have the OpenSA 1.0.0 (Apache 1.3.22,
mod_ssl 2.8.5-1.3.22 ), Win NT.

swd> After the installation and configuration I can't run the apache with ssl. My httpd.conf
file have:
swd> ...
swd> <IfDefine SSL>
swd>    LoadModule ssl_module modules/
swd> </IfDefine>

swd> <IfDefine SSL>
swd>    AddModule mod_ssl.c
swd> </IfDefine>
swd> ...
swd> <IfModule mod_ssl.c>
swd>    Listen 80
swd>    Listen 443
swd> </IfModule>
swd> ...
swd> <IfModule mod_ssl.c>
swd> ...
swd> <VirtualHost ip.address:443>

swd> #  General setup for the virtual host
swd> DocumentRoot "D:/Programme/OpenSA"
swd> ServerName
swd> ServerAdmin address

swd> LogLevel debug
swd> ErrorLog logs/error_ssl.log

swd> ...
swd> </VirtualHost>                                  
swd> </IfModule>

swd> When I run the apache without ssl, everything is ok - I can work with http://localhost
or http://ip.address or
swd> But when I start the apache with ssl (Apache.exe -D SSL), it doesn't work at all.
It even doesn't make an error_ssl.log file...  What's wrong with my conf file? or... with
something else?..

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