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From travis bickle <>
Subject proxy: I need an example
Date Tue, 04 Jun 2002 08:46:09 GMT
Hi all, 
I'm a Apache novice,
I need help with Apache and its proxy features to implement a common solution. 

I want the HTTP Server (Apache 2.0.36) to act as a proxy to different servers basing upon
the requested URI.

Let's say my http server (Apache 2.0.36) is listening on host A port 8080; 
I want Apache (host A) to redirect 2 different users (let's say U1 and U2) to their respective
remote host (let's say H1 and H2) when querying the host A.
The H1 and H2 hosts are in our case JBoss servers.

U1 requests (http://A:8080/u1dir) must be redirected to http://H1:8082
U2 requests (http://A:8080/u2dir) must be redirected to http://H2:8082

Could anyone provide me with some clean example on how to do it with mod_rewrite or mod_proxy

Many thanks in advance,
Travis Manicone.

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