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From "Damian Colden" <>
Subject RE: Redirecting URLS to a Specific CGI Script
Date Sat, 15 Jun 2002 17:07:20 GMT
On 15 Jun 2002, Dmitry Medvedev scribbled this about Re: Redirecting URL to 
Specific CGI Script: 

> No no! I did not mean this. I meant that you should make something
> like:  
> <VirtualHost>
> // other settings
>   DocumentRoot /
>   DirectoryIndex /usr/local/www/cgi-bin/sqwebmail
> // other settings
> </VirtualHost>  
> Try this and please tell if all's ok or otherwise. :-(

I created the following entry in my httpd.conf file. Saved the file, stopped 
Apache and restarted Apache and still no luck. Maybe it is my syntax or 

DocumentRoot /usr/home/execfarms/htdocs
Alias /sqwebmail/ /usr/local/www/data/sqwebmail/
Alias /images/qmailadmin/ /usr/local/www/data/images/qmailadmin/
DirectoryIndex /usr/local/cgi-bin/sqwebmail

When I type into the Location box of my 
browser I get the file ASHAM.ORG is the 
first virtual host in my VH list. 

Thanks for your assistance and patience. 

Damian Colden, P.E.
Colden & Associates
5376 McCandlish Road Suite 101
Grand Blanc, MI 48439 

Member firm of Housing-Solutions 

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