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From Maurizio Marini <>
Subject mod_rewriting post parameters
Date Mon, 17 Jun 2002 11:30:29 GMT
Hi there :)
Sure someone has posted something related this subject, but I'm unable to find 
it, so sorry 4 this :)
Now, I think it would be nice to have a new module that is able to 
mod_rewriting not args in GET, but post stuff parameters in POST.
I was able to do it with a tricky (passing the parametrs with spaced value, 
then conceptually:

if ((p=strstr(r->connection->client->inptr, "foo")) != NULL) 
			memcpy( p+4, something, len);

Do u think this stuff can generalized within a new one, specific module ?
Or Ralf could enhance the marvelous mod_rewrite, maybe....;P

Maurizio Marini			
CosT Srl			Via Longhi, 13 - 20137 Milano   

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