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From Daniel Lopez <>
Subject Re: does Apache have FTP functionality
Date Mon, 17 Jun 2002 16:57:58 GMT

> > Er, yes. Covalent ( has an
> > addon FTP module for Apache 2.0 that allows Apache 
> > to serve FTP requests
> Can someone explain why this is useful?  Asking Apache to serve FTP
> strikes me as kind of like asking if there is an add-on so 'vi' can
> evaluate spreadsheets or 'Word' can act as a digital audio editor.  Why
> make Apache into something it isn't?  Why not just use one of the many
> fine FTP servers available?

Apache 2.0 provides a fairly powerful generic server framework, with a multi
protocol module abstraction. HTTP is just one of hte protocols that can be
supported. There are currently mod_pop3 (open source) and mod_ftp (commercial)
but others should be possible.

Most of the advantages stem from that shared framework: the FTP module can
take advantage of Apache authentication modules such as for LDAP or MySQL,
use mod_ssl to provide support for secure FTP (necessary for many 
of our finantial institutions customers) or generate files on the fly using

It also eases the burden of sysadmins so they do not need to manage two
separate servers and configuration files. 

Finally, all of the major Unix ftp servers out there have a long track
record of serious remote vulnerabilities (proftpd, wuftpd, etc.)
Although not a guarantee, building on top of a proven, secure server
framework like Apache such reduce the risk of exploits.

These are te ones I can think right now. I do not want it to sound as a
commercial plug for mod_ftp :), most of the advantages would apply to any
other protocol modules as well



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