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From Joshua Slive <>
Subject Re: MS Word, .htaccess & Passwords
Date Tue, 04 Jun 2002 13:42:44 GMT wrote:
> First off, I want to thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.
> I thought I was pretty good at figuring stuff out until this MS curse.
> After I modify the .htaccess file with the file exclusion directive, the
> error log states:
> [Tue Jun  4 07:24:59 2002] [alert] [client] /usr/local/httpd/html/.htaccess:
allow not allowed here
> [Tue Jun  4 07:24:59 2002] [alert] [client] /usr/local/httpd/html/.htaccess:
allow not allowed here

That means the AllowOverride directive in httpd.conf is not set 
correctly.  You need at least "AllowOverride AuthConfig Limit"

> Which is the same is I change from Basic authentication to Digest, that's another story.....
> Alias did not have an effect. I placed this line immediately after the alias statement
for /icons/
> Alias /home/trip/_vti_inf.html "/usr/local/httpd/html/_vti_inf.html"   #per the script
the syntax should be Alias fakename realname

Alias takes URL-paths, not file-paths, so it should be more like
Alias /_vti_inf.html /usr/local/httpd/html/_vti_inf.html

> I then tried to add another files directive underneath the above, as such:
> <files _vti_bin/shtml.exe/_vti_rpc>
> Allow from all
> Satisfy any
> </files>
> The results are same as above in the logs. No further progress.

<files> only takes filenames, not full paths.  You can try
<files _vti_rpc>, or <files _vti_bin>, but I'm not sure if it will work 
or not.  You may need to create the _vti_bin directory and then use
<files shtml.exe>


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