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From "K a z" <>
Subject Re: 3 days of mod_rewrite madness - please help?
Date Fri, 14 Jun 2002 06:42:20 GMT

>>mod_proxy is enabled in the build. But this still doesnt seem to be 
>>working. Do I have to enable mod_proxy in the httpd.conf for this to work?
>If mod_proxy is statically compiled (listed in "httpd -l"), then you don't 
>need anything in httpd.conf.  If mod_proxy is a DSO, then you need a 
>LoadModule line.
>If that doesn't solve your problem, please use the RewriteLog to figure out 
>what is going on, and be more specific about what "doesn't seem to be 
>working" means.

The rewrite log looks ok I think:

strip per-dir prefix: /path/to/ -> bar.cgi

applying pattern '^bar\.cgi$' to uri 'bar.cgi'

rewrite bar.cgi ->

forcing proxy-throughput with

go-ahead with proxy request proxy: 

In the apache error_log I get:
[Thu Jun 13 23:28:06 2002] [error] (2)No such file or directory: file 
permissions deny server access: proxy:

each time I try to access
But all of the permissions look fine. I can hit and it will come up fine.

(Sorry for masking domains, etc, I don't like display domains of stuff I'm 
working on when I don't know exactaly what I'm doing or what I might have 
opened myself up to. It's just a good security practice.)

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