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From Joshua Slive <>
Subject Re: MS Word, .htaccess & Passwords
Date Mon, 03 Jun 2002 18:34:41 GMT

On Mon, 3 Jun 2002 wrote:
> It appears that it is looking for a file called  /_vti_inf.hml What makes
> this perplexing is that I have no file on my system called _vti_inf.html.
> So judging by the entry in the access_log of - "Get /_vti_inf.html
> HTTP/1.1" 401 409 - I think this is some arbitrary file and it is looking
> for it in the document root of the httpd server. Correct?

Not quite.  It is not an arbitrary file from Microsoft's perspective.  It
is a file used for some kind of special microsoft-only access to
documents.  It is not there because you don't have the special super-duper
microsoft setup (please read sarcasm).

> and that I would
> have to unprotect the document root (no matter what I directory I make the
> root) which basically boils down to removing the .htaccess or go through a
> weeks worth of correcting relative links.

Well, there are a couple alternative options.  One choice is to place an
.htaccess in your document root containing
<files _vti_inf.html>
Allow from all
Satisfy Any
which should turn off authentication and access control for that one

Another option is to
Alias /_vti_inf.html /some/place/unprotected/on/filesystem/

Note that MS may look for additional files, so you may need to repeat
these steps after checking your access log again.

Quite a pain, isn't it?


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