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From Wayne Pascoe <>
Subject Writing modules for Apache httpd 2.0
Date Fri, 14 Jun 2002 08:59:12 GMT
Hi there,

I'm hoping that someone can point me at an online resource about
writing modules for Apache httpd 2.0. I've read the documentation at but I'm looking
for a very small skeleton type module.

I tried starting with the mod_hello from Writing Apache modules with
Perl and C, but this is for the 1.3 API and does not compile under
httpd 2.0.x. I would like to find something similar that illustrates
the basics, but compiles under 2.0.x.

I've read the information about porting modules, but for a beginner
like me, this is not of as much use as I am not familiar with the
older hooks and structures that are being replaced.

Any advice would be _much_ appreciated.


- Wayne Pascoe  -
    Be nice to your daemons.

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