Well, I've tried some things.  My question, now, is regarding the syntax of a call to the global perl script.  Keep in mind that the counters.pl script that I'm trying to execute is outside, or on top of the VirtualHost's DocumentRoot (refer back to my original directory structure).  So, if you're sitting there, positioned, viewing the /www/vhosts/apples.com/index.htm page, . . .having expected this page to have received the output of a perl script, located above in the /www/cgi-bin/perl/counters.pl, . . .then how (for test purposes) would you specify it (the perl script) as an address typed into the address line of MS/Explorer, NetScape, etc.?   Again, keep in mind that this script is in a directory above the DocumentRoot of the VirtualHost.  In other words, in my example, the counters.pl script is in the /www/cgi-bin/perl directory of my primary server's DocumentRoot.  Apples.com is a VirtualHost.
Also, isn't the "#include virtual" instruction designed to dynamically copy html code into a parent html document, at execution time, resulting in a virtually expanded html document.  I guess I'm puzzled as to how merging-in perl-script is going to cooperate with the html.  I'm just an old programmer, but I am still inclined to want to execute something. . ., regardless, if there is a better way. . .  Does the "include virtual" path leading to an executable, cause Apache to automagically execute the (perl) script?
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Ron Wingfield wrote:

> I'm having difficulty executing the counter.pl in the common directory. 
> If I add a ScriptAlias, e.g.,

>   ScriptAlias /cgi-bin/   "/www/cgi-bin/perl/"

> to the httpd.conf container for the VirtualHost, apples.com.

> After execution of the index.htm file in the host's DocumentRoot
> directory, /www/vhosts/apples.com (as directed in the httpd.conf file),
> the error-log message contains:  "invalid CGI ref
> "www/cgi-bin/perl/counter.pl". 

This sounds conspicuously like you are using SSI, not direct CGI.  The
error message is from the SSI.

Start by requesting the cgi script directly (as in
http://example.com/cgi-bin/perl/counter.pl) and make sure that works.

Once that works, then try to get it to work in SSI.  Forget about "#exec
cgi".  You should never use that.  Instead, use <!--#include
virtual="/cgi-bin/perl/counter.pl" -->.


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