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From Bruce Wright <>
Subject [users@httpd] Apache Server Farm
Date Thu, 19 Dec 2002 05:36:17 GMT
In the near future, I plan to convert about 200 MS/IIS web servers to
RedHat/Apache.  I have one fundamental question, and I wanted to tap into
your wisdom.  
With respect to managing 200 apache installations, I see a few options...
1.	Compile source on each server
2.	Compile source on master server and copy out to all servers (all
servers are the same hardware, but 90% have 2 CPU's and 10% have 1 CPU)
3.	Use an RPM (standard? or build a custom RPM?)
4.	Some other method
I'm sure there are methods I haven't thought of so please feel free to add
to the list.  I've built a prototype server for which I compiled the apache
source.  I didn't experience any nasty errors, so this has me thinking that
with some simple scripts it wouldn't be too difficult to manage 200
installations.  The server is very basic (no SSL, CGI, etc...just mod_jk and
very little static content).
Perhaps some of you with a large apache install base can share your
experiences and why you think one method is better than another.
Thanks in advance for your input

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