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From Joseph A Nagy Jr <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] IP Changes like crazy!
Date Mon, 02 Dec 2002 05:26:19 GMT
Jim Walls wrote:
> Bryan Cassidy wrote:
>>OK. This is driving me crazy as hell. Maybe someone out there could
>>help me out with this. I have looked arounf for this but don't know
>>what it would be labled as so I might be searching for the wrong
>>info. I have apache 1.3.27 running on my freebsd 4.6.2 box. i have a
>>dynaic ip address and it changes like crazy on me sometimes. Everytime
>>it changes I *have* to go to and renew my ip address and
>>restart apache before anyone including myself can view the webpage. Is
>>there any sertain configuration I could do on my own or something to
>>make this a little simpler than having to go to *and*
>>restarting apache? I mean this is driving me crazy here. Any help what
>>so ever would be appreciated.
> Not sure what is going on there.  I don't know how dyndns,org does it, but I
> run an Apache server under Win 2K using Dns2Go as my Dynamic DNS provider.
> They way it set itself up when installed resulted in very fast response to IP
> address changes.  For example, shortly after I got it set up, I intentionally
> killed my DSL connection, the reconnected it.  From another computer (on a
> dialup, not the same DSL), I verified that the page was working before killing
> the DSL connection.  After killing the DSL, it took about a minute or so
> before Dns2Go detected the off line state and was redirecting requests to the
> web site to the alternate page (on an Earthlink server).  After reconnecting
> the DSL (which gets a different IP address), it again took only a minute or
> so, before requests to the Apache server were going to the new address.

Well, as everyone said before, there is ddclient to keep updated on his IP, as
apache, he just has to not use an IP address (e.g. BindAddress should be set to 'BindAddress
*' and 
NameVirtualHost needs to be 'NameVirtualHost *' and then his containers should be
<VirtualHost *>
blah blah

For the Apache config settings, I discovered this by RTFM (something I highly recommend, especially

after my question about mod_auth and such (which, btw, I don't have mod_dso.c installed))
when I 
first started to use Apache on my WinME box back in the days of Apache 1.2.x. The comments
in the 
httpd.conf file and the documentation is fairly thorough. I have yet to have a problem that
can't be 
solved by RTFMing the documentation and studying the comments, playing with settings until
  doesn't work (and of course going back the last few changes to find the problem), and basically

just goofing with it. BTW, I run Apache 1.3.27 off RedHat 7.2 and all my sites are Perl enabled

(Perl 5.8). :-D

That will eliminate all the described problems.

as for ddclient being MIGHT be easy if you know what you are looking at, but I found
rather intimidating, but it IS out there to use so you can update your stuff at
(as well 
as others). I don't need it because unless my I-net connection goes down, my IP doesn't change
so I 
can just log in every few days (sometimes I do so everyday just for the hell of it) and compare
it see's as my current IP with what's listed. So far I've only had to update once (although
my ISP 
tells my router I only have a 6 day lease, hehe) in almost two months (I can't remember if
it was 
October or September we had our last service outtage).

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