I am hoping someone on this list can help with a small problem.

We have an apache reverse proxy 2.0.43 with mod_proxy configured.

The reverse proxy has been enabled for SSL, the client connects via port 443

and then the reverse proxy requests the content from the NFuse box on port 80.




Client (443)  ----------à(443) Reverse Proxy (80) ------------à(80) Citrix NFuse


The problem is that the citrix NFuse sends back rendered html code with http instead of HTTPS,

We have added the directives http_front_end_https=on, proxyvia=on, preserveproxyhost=on in

The apache configuration file. We have also checked the host headers as they hit the citrix NFuse box

And the show correct information in the headers.


I am wondering if anyone knows of a configuration directive for citrix that configures https in the rendered html

That the server returns, or are we missing something else in the apache configuration?


Any thoughts/comments appreciated.


Justin Derry