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From "Ron Wingfield" <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] McAfee VS Pro and apache 2.x
Date Sun, 02 Feb 2003 05:15:01 GMT
Hello All.

Well, . . . as I've said before, one can invest a career in searching and
reading documentation found on the web. Search engines are not perfect, and
are often misleading.  Regardless, let’s give this guy a break, and everyone
else, for that matter ( as in "me", too).  Arguably, if an Apache problem is
associated with any McAfee product, then it "is" a candidate for an Apache
discussion.  Our friend who posted this question did not mention what McAfee
product he’s running.  Are we sure that a firewall is causing the problem,
or perhaps, is the McAfee product simply a virus scanning tool?

We all make mistakes.  For example, I think that the intention of the word,
"compline" (in Jeff’s response) should be correctly spelled as
"complaining"; (I’m not Jewish, but I seem to recall that "compline" is from
the Latin "completus", as in the completed hour; often, the last of the
seven canonical hours; or specifically, a night prayer, . . . but I digress,
( . . . probably has something to do with that last Tanqueray Martini). Hey
Jeff, I’m not personally fussing at you; I’ve read a lot of your questions,
suggestions, etc., and truly appreciate your contributions to the list.  If
I wanted to be really rude, I would probably suggest that no one should run
anything important on a Microsoft Windows platform.

On the other hand, . . . let’s face it – HTML is here to stay, and honestly,
I much prefer forum formats that embrace the technology.  I’ve worked as a
professional applications programmer-analyst, and systems programmer
(whatever that means) for over twenty-three years with unix, OS/400, et al.
Several years ago, I swore that I would never learn HTML (after all, HTML is
not a programming language – it is a text formatting discipline – 370 Macro
Assembler is a programming language); regardless, the "printed" word is much
easier to comprehend if presented (on the web) in a conservative HTML
format.  (Notice that I qualified my argument as "conservative" - art
students should not be allowed to design web pages, . . . but that’s another
argument.)  Of course, I’m going to post this reply in a "plain text"
format, because that caveat is the courteous thing to do.  (I hope that the
word wrapping is Ok.)  I am in fact using Microsoft Outlook Express;
however, my Apache html server runs on top of FreeBSD "unix", and I’ve got
my feet propped up on an old IBM 9402 C4 AS/400 that I’ve owned for about
fifteen years.  I, too, use MS/Windows for the same reason that most of the
free world does, but it really is a sophomoric operating system.

Boy! Did I ever get "off topic". Sorry, "benjammin";  . . . shouldn’t the
first letter of your name begin with a capital letter?  Also, the first
letter of the first word of a sentence, too.  There I go again, (the lack
of) spelling and grammar is a constant source of agitation for me.  You
know, it really is important.

OK, OK . . . everyone can rail on me.  So sue me (I’m married to a lawyer).
I’m a fifty-three year old "old fart" and I don’t care.  But I do appreciate
most of the very good contributions to this list, and I sincerely hope that
we can all be friends again.  There are more serious things in the world,
for example, in the Middle East, and today, February, 1, 2003, a small group
of people floating around, over a hundred miles above the earth, are
probably wondering if they will ever get home again.

Ron Wingfield

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From: Jeff Cohen
Sent: Saturday, February 01, 2003 9:23 PM
Subject: RE: [users@httpd] McAfee VS Pro and apache 2.x

There're 2 things that people who post things to this list should know:

and then compline that you are experiencing problems! That's not an Apache
problem, read the MCAfee manual until you'll understand how to open ports.

Jeff Cohen

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From: benjammin []
Sent: Saturday, February 01, 2003 10:20 PM
Subject: [users@httpd] McAfee VS Pro and apache 2.x

I can't seem to get apache to do anything with McAfee installed... Is there
a workaround for this?

Running WinXP Pro SP1

also does not matter if php is installed or not, as long as McAfee is
installed I can't run it with or without php...

your help is much appreciated.

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