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From Gary Turner <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] McAfee VS Pro and apache 2.x
Date Sun, 02 Feb 2003 06:21:08 GMT
Ron Wingfield wrote:


>Arguably, if an Apache problem is
>associated with any McAfee product, then it "is" a candidate for an Apache
>discussion.  Our friend who posted this question did not mention what McAfee
>product he’s running.  Are we sure that a firewall is causing the problem,
>or perhaps, is the McAfee product simply a virus scanning tool?

from benjamin,
	"Not McAfee firewall... VirusScan

	but thanks for the help...or whatever."

And then, from Jeff,
	"SO man, it's not allowing the apache to be launched and open
	any listening ports. Exclude Apache.exe from the AV auto scanning."

Jeff's reply was posted 2 hrs before yours.  Maybe it was delayed on the
>We all make mistakes.  For example, I think that the intention of the word,
>"compline" (in Jeff’s response) should be correctly spelled as
>"complaining"; (I’m not Jewish,

Is pedant a religion?

I have no clue where you're going here.  The only Cohens I know are
Irish Catholics.


>If I wanted to be really rude, I would probably suggest that no one should run
>anything important on a Microsoft Windows platform.

That's not rude.  It's good advice---but not necessarily appreciated. :)

>On the other hand, . . . let’s face it – HTML is here to stay,


>the "printed" word is much
>easier to comprehend if presented (on the web) in a conservative HTML

The key is "on the web."  HTML is definitely preferred for reading large
(multipage?) documents on a computer monitor.  It is not appropriate for
email.  It enlarges the bandwidth requirements, and makes for ugly
reading on text MUAs.  Either would be impolite in itself, but worse is
its use as a vector for malicious code.  Of course it really only badly
affects users of broken mail agents (Out-something?) and equally
unsecure browsers.  

>(Notice that I qualified my argument as "conservative" - art
>students should not be allowed to design web pages,

Amen, Brotha!

> . . . but that’s another
>argument.)  Of course, I’m going to post this reply in a "plain text"
>format, because that caveat is the courteous thing to do.  (I hope that the
>word wrapping is Ok.)

Thank you, and yes, it is.

>  I am in fact using Microsoft Outlook Express;

I'm so sorry. ;)


>There I go again, (the lack of) spelling and grammar is a constant
>source of agitation for me.  You know, it really is important.

True, true.


>today, February, 1, 2003, a small group
>of people floating around, over a hundred miles above the earth, are
>probably wondering if they will ever get home again.

...and there are seven who never will again---may all our gods bless

Yes I fear I am living beyond my mental means--Nash

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