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From "Andrea Shackelford" <>
Subject [users@httpd] Someone, Anyone, Please Help Me!!!!
Date Wed, 09 Apr 2003 00:32:12 GMT
Good day all,
I just signed up.  I am new to the Apache world and need some serious
help.  I have been searching my brains out and still can not seem to
find the answer to my problem.  I am using Apache 1.3.26 on SuSE Linux.
One of my websites received a 500 internal server error message.  I
contacted someone and he suggested that I reboot the server.  I was told
to enter the command shutdown now.  Having done that, now when I enter
the information on the website, I receive a message stating "Cannot find
server or DNS Error".  I know that this may be a stupid question, but I
do not know what to do.  I was basically told to figure it out for
myself.  I am not sure if the system came back up properly or if
shutting down and restarting was the right thing to do.  Now when I go
back on the server, I can not enter anything.  It is like my keyboard is
not being recognized. If anyone can assist me in any way, I would really
appreciate it. I am still researching to see what I can find.  Thanking
you in advance for your assistance in this matter. This is a copy of the
message that was received after the server was restarted.
Setting up the CMOS clock
Starting Idconfig (setting up /etc/ld/so.cache)
Setting up timezone data
Setting up lopback device
Setting up hostname
Mount SHM FS on /dev/shm
Running /etc/init.d/boot/local
Creating /var/log/boot.msg
Disabling IP forwarding
INIT: Entering runlevel:  3
Boot Logging started on /dev/tty1(/dev/console) at Tue Apr 8 2003
Master Resource Control: previous runlevel: N, switching to runlevel:
Initializing random number generator
Setting up network device eth0
Setting up routing (using /etc/route.conf)
Starting SSH daemon
Starting syslog services
Starting RPC portmap daemon
Starting service at daemon
Loading keymap qwerty/
Loading compose table winkeys shiftctrl latin1.add
Loading console font lat1-16.psfu
Setting up console ttys
Starting name service cache daemon
Starting CRON daemon
Starting console mouse support (gpm):
Starting inetd
Master Resource Control: runlevel 3 has been reached
Then the logon is requested, the cursor is blinking, but I can not enter

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