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From George Gallen <>
Subject [users@httpd] referencing without using explicit filenames....
Date Wed, 09 Apr 2003 16:00:27 GMT
If I attempt to pull this image by:

http://URL/aardvarkhmmm.jpg I get the following: - george [09/Apr/2003:11:48:46 -0400] "GET /aardvarkhmmm.jpg
.1" 206 12772 "http://URL/adv1.html?PROGRAM=mmenu1&SEL.x=125&SEL.

The image does not show up. 

However, the image DOES exist, but has a length of 77610, NOT 12772.

Here is the weird part.

This page is accessable via two host names, one is via a router and
comes in on a different NIC, the other is on a LAN.

So If from the PC I access "http://localservername/aardvarkhmmm.jpg" I will
  get the image returned without a problem.

But If I access "http://outsideURLname/aardvark.jpg" I will not get the
  image returned.

This only affects images, it does not affect .html/.cgi pages.

My configuration file only knows about the internal name (localservername),
do I need to reference both names?

This has been annoying, trying to track this one down.

What is RETURN CODE 206?


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