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From George Gallen <>
Subject RE: [users@httpd] referencing without using explicit filenames... .
Date Wed, 09 Apr 2003 21:44:00 GMT

>  Try accessing the image directly from both the LAN and WAN.
>  Do not go through the scripts.  What do you see?
>  View the page source for the page returned from accessing the site
>  from the LAN and from the WAN.  What is different?

LAN = picture is displayed, WAN = picture is not displayed
>> I don't think one being an AOL browser using HTTP/1.0 vs the other
>> being
>> IE using HTTP/1.1 has anything to do with it...but you never know.
>> I don't think it has anything to do withe extraneous info from the
>> referrer.
>  What does mmenu1 do?  The parameters being passed in are different

mmenu1 is just another .html page (Main MENU), It is the value assigned
to the <INPUT TYPE="HIDDEN" NAME="PROGRAM" VALUE="mmenu1">, this way I
can tell which pages are being accessed, after this page, all accesses
is via a .cgi script and then created dynamically, so I use this method
to log which "programs" are accessed in the logs.

>  between what the log shows for LAN access and WAN access.  Whether
>  this is significant depends upon what the parameters are for?

The #'s shown is the cursor position over the image when it's clicked...
<INPUT TYPE="IMAGE" ....> so unless I have the cursor on the exact same
spot, these will always be different.

>> actually, no images ever work from the WAN side, all images work on
>> the LAN side.
>> however, all html/cgi pages work correctly on both sides.

I suspect it to be a configuration problem, but have no idea what/where
it could possibly be.

Thanks anyway.


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