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From "EhostPros Support" <>
Subject [users@httpd] Apache dying every 5 min.
Date Wed, 28 May 2003 10:57:39 GMT
Since yesterday, our servers apache (cpanel control panel ) is
constantly failing. I upgraded cpanel, rebuilt apache, tried all sorts
of things, but i cant get rid of this issue. I can't find the source.
I contacted our Cpanel support and here is the reply:
"I looked into this quite extensively and can not find out why it's
crashing. It's not writing any error to any log which says  it's not a
configuration issue. I even sniffed the requests on the network to
apache but all the traffic was normal. I could n't find a
trojan/backdoor which would cause something weird like this either. My
next step would be to replace the ram, bad memor
y could cause apache to exit out once it "hits" a certain "frame" of
memory. See if your datacenter can replace the ram with known good ram
and run a memory tester on the ram currently in the server."
We replaced RAM with new ones and did RAM testing. 
Here is the reply from cpanel support guys:
"I rebuilt apache however it's still dying out. If you can, reboot the
server and turn off any ACPI/APM support in the bios. That is about the
only thing I can think of left if the hardware is ok and the binary is
ok. If the server is ever "unbusy" enough you might want to run
badblocks checker to see if it's possible. there is a bad spot on the
harddrive where apache happens to be, however that is longshot. Let's
turn off the power saving features in the bios and see if that helps."
We turned off ACPI/APM in BIOS but still apache dying.We also did
badblocks checker on drive and No bad blocks found, did a full check.  
This is the serious problem i have ever seen on apache. There is no
clues to find out problem. Simply dying.
Can someone guide us ?  please..

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