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From "George Hester" <>
Subject [users@httpd] Changing Port Apache listens on?
Date Sat, 20 Mar 2004 16:26:59 GMT
I am using Apache 1.3 downloaded and installed in Cygwin on Windows 2000 Server SP3.
I use IIS for my website but want to investigae using Apache.
That means I have to change the port Apache listens on.
So I went here to find out how to change the port that Apache listens on:

I did a search in C:\cygwin on httpd and found these:

cyghttpd.dll in c:\cygwin\bin
httpd.conf in c:\cygwin\etc\apache
httpd.conf.default in c:\cygwin\etc\apache
httpd.h in c:\cygwin\usr\inlude\apache
httpd.exe in c:\cygwin\usr\sbin
httpd.8 in c:\cygwin\usr\share\man\man8 in c:\cygwin\var\run
httpd.html.en in c:\cygwin\var\www\htdocs\maual\programs
httpd.html.html in c:\cygwin\var\www\htdocs\maual\programs
httpd.html.ja.js in c:\cygwin\var\www\htdocs\maual\programs

Following the above article I assume I want to make the change in httpd.conf in c:\cygwin\etc\apache.
So to that end I opened httpd.conf in Notepad and did a search on listen.

It seems there is no "listen" 80 in this file but Apache is Listening on port 80.
Everything in httpd.conf that has anything to do with "listen" look to
be just comments.  I can find no listen 80 anywhere.

So how do I change the port that Apache 1.3 is listening on.  I have included the
htypd.conf so you can see what I am talking about.  Thanks.

George Hester
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