I think this is under the htpd-devel rpm...


04/02/2004 03:43 PM
Please respond to users


        To:        users@httpd.apache.org
        Subject:        [users@httpd] help with apxs

Hello all.  Hopefully some kind soul might be able to enlighten me as to what I'm doing wrong here.

I've installed apache using the Yum installation program (which installs httpd) from Red Hat.  I'm running Red Hat Version 9. Everything runs normally - I can use Apache with no problem and it works in concert with MySQL and PHP.

This is the problem:

For some reason I cannot run the apxs command.  That utility is nowhere to be found on my system.  I was under the impression that when Apache is installed (Yum installs binaries, the current verion being httpd 2.0.40-21.9.i386) that apxs is somehow included in that.

Am I wrong?  How does one get apxs to work.  It is not located anywhere on my system and I need it to bring in mod_security.



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