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From "jwight" <>
Subject [users@httpd] Apache times out
Date Tue, 06 Jul 2004 05:41:58 GMT

I have had Apache and Tomcat running for about a year on my server.
It is running off of a dynamic IP that only changes if I shut down.

I had to Initialize my domain to a new IP recently as I had used the
laptop at another connection.   The domain "" began working
in about 1/2 hr after the change.   Everything seemed OK.  Apache redirects
the to Tomcat and all is well.   Then I tried from my other computer on the
network which also worked OK.  I then tried from a remote location.
The result was a blank page loaded and then timed out after 17 seconds.

I reset the timeouts in the config file to a higher number without any
I called telus my ISP and they say all is well at their end.  ping also
works remotely
but the page doesn't display.    I can however reach Tomcat remotely by
typing in
"".   Has anyone had this problem or knows how to
resolve it?
Jim Wight

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