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From Blain Sadler <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] DirectoryIndex setting Challenge
Date Thu, 02 Sep 2004 19:14:31 GMT

Okay, in that case I am guessing that mod_mono is 'taking over' that 
directory and deciding what the index is itself.

In that case you have two options:

1. Set up your directories so that index.htm is not in the mono 
application, something like this:
/var/www/html/app/ the mono application.

2. Consult the mod_mono docs and see if you can get it to serve the 
index.htm as the default page for you.  Downside here is that apache is 
probably a lot better than mod_mono at serving static html pages.

Often times mod_perl app developers will have a front end apache that 
handles all the static content (images/css/html files), and a backend 
apache that handles the actual perl code.  You might want to mimic this 
setup with mod_mono.  Have all your static content in a non-mod_mono 
directory.  You could probably do some kind of <Files > set up that sets 
the handler to mod_mono for any .aspx page.

Singh wrote:

>Hi Mr. Blain,
>I am sorry i  forgot to write the DirectoryIndex, but in fact it looks like :  
>DirectoryIndex index.htm
>Any clues where's this default.asps coming from? Anything to do with mono ??
>On Fri, 03 Sep 2004 Blain Sadler wrote :
>>Hi Singh,
>>What does your DirectoryIndex line look like?  Is default.aspx before index.htm?
>>Singh wrote:
>>>Hi friends,
>>>I have some challenge in getting the actual result which i want to get in context
with my application which is developed in .NET/C# and deployed under RedHatLinux 9.0/ Apache
2.0 with mod_mono/ Mono 1.0. I have a file index.htm which i want to get loaded(i am currently
working it on LAN) when i type
>>>http://computername but instead of the index.htm, default.aspx page is loaded
which is the application page as a matter of fact. How can i make it to load the index.htm
of the site and then it goes to the application if the user wants? The index.htm page is there
in the application. My settings are :
>>>ServerRoot "/home/user/apache2/"
>>>DocumentRoot "/var/www/html/apps"
>>><Directory />
>>>   Options Indexes FollowSymLinks
>>>   AllowOverride None
>>>   Order Deny,Allow
>>>   Deny from all
>>>  </Directory>
>>><Directory "/var/www/html">
>>>Options Indexes FollowSymLinks
>>>Order allow,deny
>>>       Allow from all
>>>AllowOverride All
>>><Directory "/var/www/html/apps">
>>>       AllowOverride All
>>>	Options Indexes FollowSymLinks
>>>       Order allow,deny
>>>       Allow from all
>>>UserDir public_html
>>>UserDir disabled root
>>>All the help in this context will be higly appreciated.
>>-- Blain Sadler
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>>TradeDesk Software Corporation
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Blain Sadler
Software Developer
TradeDesk Software Corporation
8 Diane Drive
Essex Junction, VT 05452-4008
phone: (802) 655-2777

The official User-To-User support forum of the Apache HTTP Server Project.
See <URL:> for more info.
To unsubscribe, e-mail:
   "   from the digest:
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