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From Luis Moreira <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] Who can help me with .htaccess and .htpassw?
Date Mon, 04 Oct 2004 13:12:32 GMT
There's something wrong about what you say.

First of all, read the error :
Could not open password file: C:/Apache*Group/Apache2/boh/.htpasswd
This is were your system is looking for htpasswd, and saying it's not 
there (were did the '*' came from ?).
(Shouldn't BOH be something else ?...)
You also say that everything is were the web page is, however on your 
config, the "DocumentRoot" directive points to "C:/Programmi/Apache 

You say you run Windows XP, but have files with a DOT (.htpasswd, 
.htgroup) that look like Unix files.
You can use DOT on Windows names, but it seems as if you edited the 
config from somewhere else, which can cause some confusion, if you miss 


helen mac ginn wrote:

> Hear i am looking for help I'm realy getting crazy.I will try to give 
> to u all informations that i supose u neade.My problem is that if i 
> connect my redirect web page(i have a dynamic ip that change every 
> time i get connect on internet) i have the request user and apssword 
> but i can not log in.I just neade taht to keep provate access to my 
> web page.This is the message error i get in the error log:
>  Could not open password file: C:/Apache*Group/Apache2/boh/.htpasswd
> [Mon Oct 04 13:26:12 2004] [error] [client] user proweb 
> not found: /
> I'm running apache HTTP server 2.0.47 on windows xp pro.All file (my 
> web page files,the .htaccess and .htpasswr are in the same directory 
> that is htdocs
> This is my .htaccess:
> AuthUserFile  /Apache Group/Apache2/htdocs/.htpasswd
> AuthGroupFile /usr/dom/xdomain/public_html/secretlist/.htgroup
> AuthName ProWEB
> AuthType Basic
> <Limit POST GET PUT>
> require group subscribers
> </Limit>
> This is my .htpassw:
> proweb:pippo
> And this is my httpd.conf

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