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From Florin <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] index.htm recognized in virtual host, but not index.html
Date Tue, 19 Apr 2005 17:28:06 GMT
Hello world! :)
After a long time (I didn't have enough time to test/change
configuration things), I come back with my problem.
Joshua, unfortunately I was forced to use different NameVirtualHost/
<Virtualhost> with names instead of IP address. This is because I use
different vhost names on a server with only one IP address and want to
have different log files. Besides, the reverse addressing resolution is
not unique; so I cannot use IP in NameVirtualHost/ <Virtualhost>. OK, I
did try that too after a backup of the original Vhosts.conf (it can
work, except the log files) and I saw one change: when renaming
index.htm to index.html, accessing leads me to
the root of With index.htm I get the correct page.
No, I don't have other Alias, RewriteRule or DirectoryIndex concerning
that directory except what I've already shown you. I've checked
thoroughly, I suppose grep does not lie.

And now one of the weirdest thing: the problem is not reproducible!
Reverting to the old Vhosts.conf, started to
work properly!!! Now, why would that happen?! Now I cannot reproduce my
problem anymore even if I didn't changing  the configuration files at
all except replacing Vhosts.conf according to your suggestion and then
putting back the old version.
The only change that happened in the last days was a restart of both DNS
after adding some new computers (I have a master-slave DNS system) but I
don't understand why would this change something. Even more, nothing is
change in the DNS except the serial number and some supplementary names.

So I would rather suppose a memory leak in something involving the name
resolution part of apache 2.0.53. This would explain why Apache would
care about the hostname when it shouldn't. Unfortunately I cannot report
a bug since I can't reproduce it. 

Another argument for my supposition: I must remind here that has the root directory inside a user's home
public_html, so is equivalent; however I had no
problem accessing the page as a user homepage, so a DirectoryIndex
problem would be excluded unless if I would have a DirectoryIndex
statement in Vhosts.conf, which I don't.

Sorry for the long mail, but this is the result of a long time testing.
Thanks for the prompt responses!

On Sat, 2005-04-09 at 22:43, Joshua Slive wrote:
> > So I still don't understand why what works for vhost2 and 3 do not
> > for vhost1.
> > I must add that there is nothing concerning *any* of the vhosts in
> > commonhttpd.conf or any of the other .conf files.
> > And also, trying DirectoryIndex index.html in the www.vhost1 section
> > not help at all.
> > And also, if adding Option +Indexes I obtain the directory index.
> > It really seems the "www" thing causes the problem, if I modify the
> > CNAME in the DNS config (yes, I do have access to it, since I'm the
> > administrator of that domain) and remove the www there and in
> > Vhosts.conf, it starts working. Yet I don't understand why, cause it
> > shouldn't.
> > Doesn't apache 2.0.53 support subdomain/hostname-with-a-dot-in-it
> > addresses anymore? 
> Apache doesn't care at all about the contents of the hostname.
> > NameVirtualHost
> > <VirtualHost>
> This is not an optimal configuration.  You should have one
> NameVirtualHost directive for each IP address that your server uses
> or, more simply, just use "NameVirtualHost *:80".  The <VirtualHost>
> container should contain the same thing.  The only place you should
> use the domain name is in the ServerName directive.
> I don't see why this would cause the problem you are seeing, but it is
> certainly something you should fix.
> Other than that, I suggest looking carefully for any <Directory>
> section, Alias, or RewriteRule that could be affecting requests to
> /home/vhost1/public_html.
> Joshua.
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