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From anisha yunus <>
Subject [users@httpd] Apache and DJVU Images problem
Date Thu, 14 Apr 2005 11:32:44 GMT
  Hello all,

This is Anisha from Oracle, Bangalore India.

We have an application which runs on apache server and has a particular 
format of files called ".djvu" files. These files are nothing but 
spcially compressed images, and viewed by the end user via the url. 
There is a plugin which the end user has to install in his system for 
the images to eb viewed. The problem here is that the images are not 
getting loaded properly. Some of the images get loaded within 1-2 
seconds whereas some other not at all gets loaded or else takes 4/5 
refreshes to load. The problem is not with the size as we observed, 
since 30kb or 300 kb, some images doesnot at all get loaded.

This problem has arised only after the webcache has been deployed on the 
application. Earlier to this, we did not have any problem. No specific 
ruling has been applied to the .djvu files. Even when for observation 
study, we applied some caching rules on the .djvu images, we see no rule 
is played by the caching rule in loading.

The MIME configuration to be done for these kinds of files, is also done.

$ fgrep -i djv mime.types
image/vnd.djvu                  djvu djv    -- this entry has to be made 
for the .djvu images

The above is the only administration work to be done for the .djvu files 
we suppose.
But when browsing through the net, we came across the below information 
on MIME setting for users side, on Apache server.

        For Users

   1. Using a text editor, create a file named .htaccess in the same
      directory as your DjVu files.
   2. Add the following line to the file:

          AddType image/x.djvu djvu djv

[website info :-]
We would like to know if there is anything else to be done for the 
configuration side, or are we missing something else.
If  you would like to have some more information, please revert back to 
us. Please cc all those in the loop.

Kindly treat this mail as a matter of urgent.

Tnx n Regs'

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