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From Tom Cat <>
Subject Re: [users@httpd] Can this be Done?
Date Tue, 03 May 2005 20:17:31 GMT
Yes this can be done.  I've done it and it wasn't extremely hard
(although I did have to ask on this list for help once).

I'd start by checking the permissions on the
/apache2-default/index.html and if you're using SELinux make sure that
is set correctly (

Read through httpd.conf and make sure you've set it up correctly.  The
comments in the file are extremely helpful.

Once you're sure it is right, Try to view (yeah you
need to be on the server).   If that works then try from in- and
out-side of your network to see if you have a problem with the
firewall or something.


On 5/3/05, NetSuporte <> wrote:
>  First I am new to Apache but not to Linux. I have Apache2 up and running
> fresh from an install and thatÅ› it.
>  My question(s)  before I start this endevour is the following possible.
>  1) Create a home webserver.
>  2) Host my own website on the home webserver.
>  3) Have access to my website from the internet via an DSL/ISP connection.
>  I want to do this without registering a domain.
>  I am using a router and the computer I want to setup is configured as the
> DMZ.
>  My router is the DHCP server ( I have five computers in my home) , and my
> system has an IP address outside the DHCP range so it has a static IP
> address.
>   Do I need to setup the webhost server as a secondary DNS server to the ISP
> DNS server?
>  I have spent the entire day tryng to figure out how to associate the server
> "" with  the webserver "" and IP address and
> how to point to the actual "index.html" for the webpage in
> /var/www/mywebsite/index.html.
>  From what I read all Apache2 configuration takes place in "httpd.conf". My
> configuration does not work properly and I have read so some information I
> am confused on exactly where I went wrong.
>   At this point I am getting the following when I try to access
> "".
> Forbidden 
> You don't have permission to access /apache2-default/index.html on this
> server. 
> Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an
> ErrorDocument to handle the request. ________________________________
>  Apache/2.0.54 (Debian GNU/Linux) PHP/4.3.10-13 Server at localhost Port 80 
>  I could use a little basic guidance so far I just get pointed to the same
> documentation I already have been reading but cannot seem to extrapolate the
> correct information. So a cookbook step by step would help, but I now it is
> a pain and will take someones valued time. I just seem to have too much
> information to read through and need to sort it out.
>  thanks for any help.
>  Philip
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