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From Michael Caplan <>
Subject [users@httpd] Strategies for debugging a segmentation fault on a production ser ver
Date Tue, 21 Jun 2005 14:58:21 GMT
Hi there,


I am looking for some advice on how to go about debugging Apache 1.3.33 /
PHP 5.0.4 on a production Linux box (RHE 3).  The scenario is this:  Once a
day we find a segfault in our apache logs.  From our current position, we
don't know what page was accessed, and our 400+ users haven't brought the
issue to our attention.  All we know is the date/time and PID of when the
segfault occurred.  The question is this:  how can we go about isolating the
offending requested page that bombs?


I've set up a custom apache log file that populates each entry with the PID
that handled it.  However, when we do see a segfault, this  log file does
not appear to be populated with an entry that corresponds (within a 5 - 10
second period) to the PID that bombs.  I'm guessing that the log file is
only written to after a request is delivered?


Otherwise, looking at the PHP bugs page, it recommends rebuilding PHP with
-enable-debug and running Apache with -X in order to get a core dump.
Running apache with debug mode on is not an option on our production box.
Is running apache -X mandatory to get a core dump?


Any other strategies that you can recommend that would help us isolate the
offending page so we can get to the good work of reproducing and fixing the
problem at hand?





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