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From "Simon Taylor" <>
Subject [users@httpd] Apache/Tomcat CSS Hostname Rewrite Issue
Date Wed, 24 Aug 2005 19:50:35 GMT
We are using Apache with Tomcat and we are experiencing a difficulty
with URL's within the served HTML page sometimes being correctly
rewritten and sometimes not throughout the file.
Our users access our webserver through another server that just fwd's
the requests on.
In most instances i am seeing the Servlet output being rewritten
accordingly but when it comes to the stylesheet link it doesn't it
retains the name of the local virtual host that no external user has
access to.
Example - where is the external URL and
enmc-remedy is the internal vh name:-
<script language="JavaScript">
var contextPath = "";
var sharedURI = "";
var APP_URL = "";
var docCharset = "windows-1252";
var cacheDisable = "0";
var msgDlgWidth = "400";
var msgDlgHeight = "200";
var confirmDlgWidth = "400";
var confirmDlgHeight = "180";
<FORM NAME='FormFields'>
<link rel=stylesheet type='text/css'
<script language="JavaScript">var
<script language="JavaScript" src="
<script language="JavaScript" src="
<script language="JavaScript" src="
<script language="JavaScript" src="
<script language="JavaScript" src="
<script language="JavaScript" src="
<script language="JavaScript" src="
<script language="JavaScript" src="


My problem is that im not sure whether it is the Java Servlet
"re-writing" the URL's or Apache.

We're not using mod-proxy or mod-proxy-html to rewrite content.

Its not the box were routing through as it happens when i avoid the box
and go direct - the stylesheet link appears to avoid re-writing unless i
use the IP address then it is rewritten (OR not depending on how you
look at it ) as it just uses the IP.


The loglevel on the error log doesnt help since that shows just errors

The customlog level shows just requests and not responses from Apache


I can see the URL requests being mapped to the servlets ok - no mention
of hosts - which leads me to believe it is an Apache thing

Where do i look next for the Apache intelligence behind implicit
hostname rewriting - must be a log option ive missed.

My feeling is that <link rel=stylesheet type='text/css'
isnt being rewritten by whatever intelligence it is because the link is
single and not double quoted.


Simon Taylor
Service Tools Solutions (STS) Engineer
Office  +44.1628.617291 (ESN 6 861 7291)
Mobile +44.7740.533743 (ESN 748 3743)




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